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Better Late Than DEAD

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Better Late Than DEAD 2016

Better Late Than DEAD
Better Late Than DEAD

Better Late Than DEAD PC Game has been set on an island and you have been lost in this island. Adding salt to the injury you can’t memorize anything. All you have got is a photo of a child who is that child you don’t know. Now you have to explore the island and search for the object which are useful for you and which will assist you to escape this island. As the time will pass you will realize that the island is not the way it looks. You will see animals roaming around from whom you have to protect yourself. You can use traps to catch the animals. The game has got varying weather conditions which will affect the gameplay. The game has got very impressive graphics and you will definitely like this game. You may also like to download 7 Days To Die.


Features of Better Late Than DEAD

Following are the main features of Better Late Than DEAD that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Breathtaking action and adventure game.
  • Set on an island with fantastic scenery.
  • Need to protect yourself from animals.
  • Got varying weather conditions.
  • Impressive graphics.





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